Venue: Lichfield Guildhall
Date: Saturday 19th October
Time: 14.30 – 15.15

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Steve Bonham and the Long Road

Renegade Americana, Anglo-American Roots. It’s hard to pin down the compelling, distinctive high energy music of Steve Bonham and The Long Road. It’s a swampy brew of styles mixed from both sides of the ocean, characterised by sharp lyrics, great melodies and the fab sound of acoustic instruments being played with passion and purpose. It’s a kind of music that appeals to the renegade and outlaw in us all.

Steve Bonham is a storyteller, a published author, an inveterate traveller, for decades a songwriter, performer and musician, and an award-winning psychologist. Born in Derbyshire, England, Steve studied psychology and philosophy at university. He has recorded more than 10 albums; written two musicals; and several books including his latest: A Beautiful Broken Dream. He is the author of the Vagabond Philosopher blog and proud member of The Long Road.