L2F Songwriting Competition
L2F Songwriting Competition

Aims of the 2020 Songwriting Challenge

Sadly, we have had to cancel L2F Lichfield Festival of Folk 2020, and that means that we can’t run again this year our well-established and successful Songwriting Competition.  Nor will we require the services of a panel of judges, which in the past have included Julie Felix (2017), Blair Dunlop (2018) and Anthony John Clarke (2019).

However, our passion for encouraging and introducing new music remains.  We may not be able to showcase new talent this year with the offer of a live performance, but we want to continue to provide an opportunity for both established and budding songwriters to bring a new composition to L2F Lichfield Festival of Folk followers and the wider world.  So we are throwing open a challenge to songwriters.

Given the unprecedented events that have had such an impact on the music business during 2020, we are seeking songs that explore aspects of the theme of ‘Lockdown to Freedom’ or LtoF.  L2F wants your LtoF creations, and we invite you to explore and interpret that theme in its widest sense. Our challenge to you is to write something that we can share with a wider audience.  We want to hear your interpretation of our chosen theme.

We want to you to write a song, record it yourself (or get another performer to record it for you) and put it on any of the established music-sharing platforms. Be part of L2F for this year by sending us a link to your work.  Remember that L2F is a folk festival – but folk is a broad church.  So as long as the song is your own work and fits the broad theme of LtoF, we will promote and share your link on the L2F website and social media accounts, and elsewhere on Lichfield Arts platforms.

Entry is free.  For the Challenge rules, and to submit your entry, please click the link below.

The Songwriting Competition in its traditional format will be back for L2F Lichfield Festival of Folk 2021, which will run from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th October.

L2F Songwriting Competition – 2019 Winner

In previous years, the L2F Lichfield Festival of Folk has hosted a Songwriting Competition, which has attracted many high-quality entries from both established and developing songwriters.  In 2018, the winner was Mark White, with his song In John’s Kitchen; last year, in 2019, the winner was Chris Fox, with his composition We Sing Hooray, which he performed for the Festival audience.  To listen to Chris performing his winning song at the Great Knight Folk Club in Northampton, click here.
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