Fringe Programme

L2F Studio – The Museum Sessions
Saturday 19 October
The Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum

Rob Stammers

Common misunderstanding of what sea shanties are will be discussed and their function aboard sailing ships will be outlined. Their collection from sailor song-holders from the end of Nineteenth Century onwards has provided us with a rich repository of folk music. How these songs have been interpreted and adapted for public performance will be described. The lecture will be illustrated with video and audio recordings.

Rob Stammers had a career in universities. His interest in shanties began in his teenage years. He is events organiser for the local shanty crew, the Lichfield Lighthouse Company. Their claim to fame is to be the shanty group that is furthest from the sea.

Songs and Ballads
Chris Genders and Robin Martin
Robin is a talented singer, composer and music teacher based in Lichfield. His work often combines the spoken and singing voice . Christine is a traditional story teller, performer and writer.

This set of Ballads, spoken and sung takes stories that have survived as ballads or been turned into ballads – and as stories are told they different perspectives develop creating different moods and sometimes whole new stories.

‘Where the Past and Present Meet’ – Songs From Atlantic Canada

Dan McKinnon

“While performing in Chicago, I was told by the folk radio presenter of the ‘Midnight Special’, that he believed there was more talent per capita in Atlantic Canada than anywhere in North America. I couldn’t disagree, but why is this so? In this session I will explore through song, some of the cultural history of Atlantic Canada and some of the reasons why music is such an integral near-innate part of who Atlantic Canadians – Maritimers are.”

Love,Laughter and Lamentation
Women songwriters & Scotland’s Identity
Hector Christie and Chris Edwards

Last year Hector and Chris released a CD of a dozen songs by Angus poet Violet Jacob(1863-1946).Scotland ,in the last decade or so has awoke to the genius of Jacob and she has increasingly become the focus of many in the folk movement.The duo have taken six of her poems that pre-existed as songs due to tunes created by contemporary song writers ,and have added a further six from their own pens. The current fascination with the writing of Violet Jacob forms the background to this hour, but contributions from other women who have played a key role in Scotland in creating a sense of national identity will also feature women such as Dundee’s Mary Brooksbank,(Jute Mill Song),Carolina Nairne ( whose work has on occasion being wrongly ascribed to Burns) among others.As the title of the session implies,all moods will be covered from the tragic,through the the outright comedic.Some of the guest musicians from the CD will be on hand to “walk up” from the audience and reproduce the role they played on it’s production,and some audio visual images will be used to explain the Scottish context.

L2F Studio – The Guildroom Sessions
Sunday 20 October
The Guildroom, Guildhall

Paul Francis
Paul has been a familiar face around the West Midlands folk & acoustic music club scene for over a decade. A talented singer, guitarist and songwriter, Paul includes innovative arrangements of songs by British and North American artists (from John Martyn to Lennon & McCartney; from Leonard Cohen to Cole Porter) with the occasional self-penned song thrown into the mix.

Gone to Look for America, Steve Bonham
The vagabond philosopher comes to town! Inspired by a chance remark, Steve Bonham, the irrepressible vagabond philosopher, set out to explore the myth, magic, madness and moonshine of America.

Choruses and Curiosities
Hector Christie and Chris Edwards
Light hearted tips on how to make your presence felt (in a good way) in singarounds and sessions.

Tales from Lancashire (all true!)
Ann Simpson

Ann has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, and loves to share them at festivals and folk clubs. Today she will include two of her favourite stories – The Leopard Skin Coat and A Drama in the Corner Shop!

One of her great inspirations was Victoria Wood, who she once met in Sainsbury’s! You don’t have to be from Lancashire to enjoy these stories – wherever you come from you are sure to recognise the characters!”