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L2F Dancing in the City

L2F Dancers

‘Dancing in the City’ at L2F has become one of the premier traditional dance events in the Midlands, with increasing numbers of sides giving a colourful and eye-catching display. During the last Festival in 2019, sides from across the region gathered in Lichfield City Centre to give fascinating and fun-filled demonstrations of toe-tapping Morris styles. In 2019, several styles of Morris Dancing were on show including:

Border Morris, a tradition that comes from the borders of Wales and England and is characterised by stick-clashing, the wearing of ‘rag jackets’ and painted faces

Northwest Clog Morris, which is characterised by the wearing of clogs and where many of the dances originate from the towns and cities of the North West of England

Cotswold Morris, where the set dances include handkerchief dances, processional dances, stick dances and hand clapping dances

Rapper Sword Dancers, who dance in clogs and with swords

Molly Dancing, which farm workers would have performed to earn money in the winter and, in disguise, make fun of the gentry

Appalachian Step Dancing, originating from America.

The 2021 L2F Lichfield Festival of Folk will next take place from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th October, and we look forward to welcoming back a variety of sides to be part of the dancing programme then.

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L2F Dancers
L2F Dancers