Workshops at L2F 2017

We are currently finalising the workshops for 2017 in the Guildhall:

We plan to have the following workshops this year:

  • Poetry Workshop
  • Corn Dolly making – with Steve Plowright
  • Folk Art Felt

There will be more… times tbc so please keep revisiting this page for updates…

Here is what we did in 2016:

Beginners Weaving with Walsall Weavers.

We are the Walsall Spinner who meet each Friday in Aldridge to spin, weave, dye and felt. This workshop is going to introduce adults to the craft of weaving. You will be given a small loom, yarn and the tools you need for weaving and will be shown how to weave a small item, which you can use as a coaster or in any other way you want. At the end of the workshop the equipment is yours to keep and use again and again. No experience is necessary.


Folk Art Felt with textile artist Judith Israel.

L2F Felt Workshop

Folk Art Felt’ is a workshop with Judith Israel ‘Textile Artist’ and Teacher.
The workshop is suitable for everyone – beginners and more experienced ‘stitchers’ – all welcome!
Make a small decorative piece of felt embroidery. This will be suitable as a Brooch or Christmas Decoration.

The workshops above are £3 each, or £5 for both.  Includes all materials.


Sea Shanties with the Lichfield Lighthouse Company.

Lichfield Lighthouse Company


The Lichfield Lighthouse Company is s very active Shanty and Sea Song community group, which meets twice a month throughout the year and also carries out public performances at a variety of events.

The workshop will briefly outline the history of shanties and show how the singing of these one-time work songs has evolved into a genre of contemporary folk singing. The workshop is intended to help beginners develop their potential for joining in the choruses and perhaps taking the lead in shanty singing.

There will be an opportunity to join Lichfield Lighthouse Co. at their performances in the L2F Sunday Cafe for those who would like to.


Irish Music Session with Chasetown Celtic folk band Gan Teideal. 


Local musicians, Gan Teidal, will lead a cracking session of easy to play tunes. So if you play violin, flute, recorder, guitar, mandolin, bodhran, accordion or just want to sing, join us, all are welcome.!

Join in the Music Cafe performance in the afternoon if you would like to.


Mummers Workshop with Armitage Mummers


Mummer plays were a regular feature of many Staffordshire villages in the past. They were, however, largely lost in the latter half of the twentieth century although many of the scripts still exist in collections. Armitage Mummers will give you the experience of finding out what is involved in being a mummer and, who knows, encourage you revive this old English tradition.