In 2016 L2F was held in the atmospheric Lichfield Guildhall from Friday 14th October to Sunday 16th October 2016.

The Lichfield Festival of Folk, otherwise known as L2F, is an annual event from Lichfield Arts and held mainly in the historic Lichfield Guildhall and its environs. Its aim is to provide the opportunity to appreciate the very best in Folk Music in a friendly and welcoming environment. It is inclusive and inspirational, allowing people to participate in folk-related activities and to encourage local arts and heritage organisations to celebrate with the community at large the traditions of the British Isles.

Roll on L2F 2017!

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A conversation with John Tams and The Young ‘Uns at Lichfield Festival of Folk -L2F 2016

See who you missed in 2016…

Pete Coe

Chase Mist


Rosie Tee

Tony Wall